Emily has been riding and working with horses for most of her life. She offers riding lessons and training in Dressage, Jumping, Huntseat, Western Pleasure and Gymkhana. She believes in working with each individual student to create a simple and tailored plan for success. In training, she has worked with horses of all backgrounds, specializing in bringing peace to horses with rough backgrounds, frustrating behaviors, bending and softening issues and stress-related habits. Her methods of training are gentle and clear for the horse to understand, borrowing heavily from French dressage and natural horsemanship.

Learning is organic and fluid. If we resort to rigid systems and stifling methods (not to mention modern fads), we are bound to run into the limitations of those systems. It's only through constructive and more fluid education that we can truly begin to understand the complex relationships between ourselves and our horses.

You may contact Emily at (734) 776 - 8103 or EmilyMargaretJenkins@gmail.com

- - Now accepting students of all ages and experience levels for the spring/summer seasons - -

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Emily offers lessons for all ages and walks of life. She is happy to help her students who desire to compete (yes, even with high school and college equestrian teams), but she is equally happy to teach students to train, or even just to ride and enjoy themselves. She does not require students to show, as many other instructors do.

Emily also has an extensive program for adults returning to the saddle, beginning adults and even seniors who have always wanted to try horseback riding.

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Please email Emily at emilymargaretjenkins@gmail.com
for more information.


Currently teaching and training out of

Constantine Farms
9585 E Joy Road, Plymouth, MI
Contact Kathy Constantine at (734) 453-3168 for information on boarding.