Emily's school horses are selected and trained carefully so that students can learn not only how to safely ride a horse, but how to communicate effectively. Horses are selected for patience, calmness, intelligence and skill, and are trained in several disciplines, including dressage, jumping, western, gymkhana and even driving. This allows students to learn to improve themselves through the discipline of their choice, on the horse that best suits their personality. Emily's horses are part of a closely knit family, and each is treated with respect and given plenty of time to just be a horse. "A happy school horse is a safe school horse!"

Aoife (pronounced Ee-Fah, AHA Charming Cheyenne) is a 14.2hh registered Arabian mare who has plenty of pep in her step, but she knows that her job is to safely carry her riders. In her heyday she did quite well at jumping and gymkhana, and she continues to do so but at fifteen she is just beginning to slow down a bit. This slowness, however, is allowing her to finally live up to her physical potential in the dressage ring and she is currently showing in training level and schooling first level.


Lyra (AHA BA My Stars) is another farm favorite. She is the go-to horse for beginners and special needs students, and yet is showing at first level dressage, preparing to come out at second in 2016. She is an eighteen-year-old, 15 hand purebred Arabian mare who is showing second level and schooling third.



Missy is a 2001 purebred, unregistered Egyptian Arabian mare who does it all. She may only be 14.3hh but she is a fantastic dressage school horse. She is one of those once-in-a-lifetime horses, and she has been the heart of riding for many, many students.




Thistle (AHA PFrost, Polish Arabian) is an amazing athlete at 23 years old. She is schooling second level dressage, showing training level and first level, and can still pop over jumps and hack out on the trails. There's nothing she can't do, and she is a testiment to her breed's versatility.


Hero (AHA Blackberry Wine) is an twelve year old, 16.1hh double registered National Show Horse. She is profficient in dressage and jumping. Her barn nickname is "Momma Long-Legs" since she has some pretty gangly legs, and she is currently learning how to use them in the mediums for second level!

Branson is a 16.3 hand 22 year old Holsteiner gelding trained to third level in dressage with a mysterious past. He came to Emily with intermittent lameness, which improved drastically with chiropractic work. He was then diagnosed with EORTH in September 2014 and in October he went to the local clinic to have all of his top incisors removed (and then promptly tore out all of his sutures!)
He has joined the lesson string and is now our most beloved schoolmaster, schooling second level and working on building up his topline to ultimately return to third.


Declan (AHA JR Popstarr) is everyone's favorite little guy here at the farm. He is a 14.2 hand, five year old dapple grey Arabian gelding with flashy movement and a steady-eddie attitude. We are excited to have him in our program and can't wait to see him mature into a spectacular little sporthorse schoolie. He is currently giving lessons to petite intermediate riders in walk, trot and canter and over cross rails, and has shown training level at schooling shows with success. Watch for him at first level in 2018!



Caoilfhionn, or Keelin, is a 14.3hh, unregistered MorganXArabian mare with more energy than she knows what to do with. She came to me originally with some deep-rooted anxieties and has been slowly but surely working through them. She is currently ridden by advanced students only, and is schooling second level. It takes a very special and empathetic rider to click with Keelin, but when they do she is a loyal, trusting companion.



Veery is a ten year old, 15.2hh Warmblood/Cob cross mare who was used as a broodmare for a few years before a year off. Now she is being trained as a dressage horse, and is being used in lessons at all levels. Her snappy movement and lofty stride may look impressive, but her gait is smooth and easy to ride. We have great hopes for her as she begins to develop balance and poise in training! She has shown training level at schooling shows with great success, and will be debuting first level 2018!


Willow (AHA Startruck Motivation, 2008) is now officially a school horse! This 15.1 hand flashy mare is one of the most curious, eager-to-learn horses I've ever worked with. She was bred by Pam of Starstruck Arabians, and her son Atticus is on the ground and gorgeous! She is finally fit, post-pregnancy, and is giving intermediate lessons, working at training level. She has a personality of GOLD, and we expect her to carry on as some of the older mares are given lighter workloads with age.

Bertie is perhaps the biggest personality in the barn at the moment, owing to his considerable boredom from being on stall rest following a hoof resection due to white line disease. He is a 15.1 hand, five year old "Oops Baby" meaning we don't know who his father was, but his mum is a Rocky Mountain Horse! You would never know he has gaited blood, however, as his trot is as pure as it is ginormous.




This big, beautiful girl is Hazel! She is a 16 year old, 16.1 hand 3/4 Hanoverian mare who is currently in the program as a rehab horse. She came to us with mild kissing spines, and often worries that her back may begin to hurt again, so she can be a little on the anxious side. She is learning to trust her riders, however, and is making leaps and bounds in her training, schooling first and second levels.



Rowan is a 20 year old Holsteiner mare who also came to the program as a rehab horse. She has gained nearly 200lb since joining the program, and is developing into a happy, healthy and sound schoolmistress! She has been trained through third level, but her lack of condition has her schooling in a low-level frame for the time-being. She also gets to wear funky horse sneakers when she works, due to poor palmar angles in her front hooves! She may be older, but she's got so much to teach us, and is a patient and willing partner.



This beautiful babe is coming four years old, and growing rapidly! She is half Lusitano, and has shed out to a lovely sooty buckskin color! She is just learning to carry a rider, and won't be entering the program officially for a while, but she's certainly going to steal some hearts when she does. She has the bold, intense personality of an Iberian horse, too, so be prepared for some expression!



Brigid and Niamh came to Meadowlark together from Emily's house where they had basically mowed the lawn for a few weeks. She is a coming six year old 14.3 hand FriesianXLipizzaner mare who was incredibly shy, but as she has settled into her new life she has blossomed to become an intensely friendly and joyful mare. As she continues in training, she is gaining confidence and will make a lovely riding horse. She is just learning to carry a rider independently while engaging her back, and her curious nature and her focus on her rider makes her a very sensitive and intuitive ride!


As a yearling, Atticus is the youngest horse on the farm. He was born in June of 2016, and has grown into a stunning young man! He is currently standing just over 14 hands, and we anticipate he will be close to, if not over, 16 hands when mature. He is an Hispano Arabe, meaning he is AndaulsianXArabian, and his mother, Willow, is currently a school horse in the program!






Teagan (AHA Princess Bahara) has gone to her forever/semi-retirement home to take care of her new little Princess, Ellie! She is loving life as a low-key children's horse, and is doing leadline and walking work. Teagan will be the perfect horse to teach Ellie all she knows, with her soft mouth and her sensitive personality. <3




Rest in Peace, big guy!

Our beloved Kingsley Shacklebolt died suddenly in late winter of 2017, from a severe colic. He was rushed to MSU for evaluation, but was not a good candidate for surgery. He touched so many lives, and the lessons he has given us will continue to guide us for years to come. Very few horses leave such big impressions as he did, and he will be sorely missed.



Congratulations Fitz and Acacia! Fitz has been sold to a competition home where he can strut his stuff in the sandbox! He will be missed by the riding program, but his flashy gaits certainly won't be missed by the judges in the show ring this summer! We can't wait to see what Caci does with him!


Freyja has retired from lessons and has gone to her new home in Reed City where she is very busy looking gorgeous and holding down the ground, between trail rides and light drives. Thank you so much, Sarah, for helping her find the perfect retirement from lessons as a new trail horse for your dad!



Ffiona has left the program to continue her show career with her new mom, Erika!
We could not have asked for a better home for her, and we can't wait to see you both in the show ring this year! Watch for them at training and first levels in 2018!




Caspian has left the program to continue his show career with his new mom! Congratulations Jennifer! We are all so excited to see you and Casper in the show ring. Watch for them at first level in 2018!

Moth of Peace is loving life with her new owner, Kari, in Indiana. We miss you, big girl!